Welcome to Molokome's Group
The main aim of the Molokome Group is to promote and represent the interests of the chicken meat industry.
The Molokome Group represents the industry at the national level in matters regarding international trade, quarantine, animal health, biosecurity, food standards, food safety, animal welfare and a range of other areas affecting the Thailand and South Africa chicken industry. It is also actively involved in providing strategic direction to industry relevant research and development bodies, and is a signatory to the Emergency Animal Disease Response Agreement and member of Animal Health Thailand and South Africa.

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​We follow the most advanced global standards in quality. Our slaughterhouses (strategically located for distribution, much like their farms, incubators, and feed factories amongst others) are permanently in the process of expansion and qualification of their processes.


Produce best quality frozen chicken paws and breeding stock with excellence, from the farm to the consumer, ensuring profit and meeting the expectations of shareholders, customers, consumers and employees.


The secret of a healthier and more natural chicken with incomparable texture and tenderness, which has gained millions of consumers in demanding global markets, is the control that  we employ in the entire production process of its more than 150 different types of products.The practical and modern packaging, carefully developed by a team of professionals with extensive experience and unique, stand out at all points of sale.